Welcome to RTEK!


Access our pool of talents to make your project a reality. Whether you need help developing an entire new system or just need an extra hand, we are here for you.


Quality is at heart here at RTEK, we value your needs for stable infrastructure and make sure that your app is always there for your users when they need it.


We know that safety is important to people, thats why we always use the latest methods in security and have roboust security features in all parts of our systems.


Our story

RTEK was founded in 2014 and we have since then been active within many different projects. We have observed that there is a huge need for more simple, fast and secure IT-systems, thats why we offer both consulting and infrastructure. In that way we can make sure that all solutions are tailored to offer the best industry-leading performance and security. We always focus on the end user, by aiming our focus there we can make sure that we solve the right problem for your users.

Today, we are over three billion daily active internet users and the growth is amazing. The internet has allowed people to be inter-connected between continents and allowed us to complete tasks that used to take days with the press of a button. This growth also carries with it a huge responsibility for companies working with technology to deliver accessable and reliable systems. We value the users right to privacy and everyones equal right no matter age, language or disabilities. We at RTEK take a huge responsiblity for that systems that we create follows these values and basic rights. This leads to a good and healthy relationship to our customers and their end-users.

Hi, my name is Rasmus Jönsson and I manage RTEK. My speciality is leadership, Go and Kubernetes.

Our model

Our model

Most customers contact us because they need help in solving a problem. It could be anything from building a new IT-system to setting up a new development team. We are a problem-driven company, which means that we always focus on the actual problem that we are there to solve. By doing this we can ensure that the customer always gets happy with the result. To fully understand the problem we are going to solve we always start with a through analysis before we start working on a solution. With clear, transparent and frequent communcation with our customers we can make sure to capture problem at an early stage. We also always makes sure that our customers inherit something that is useful to them, this means that we focus very hard on documentation and support for our systems. We have experience in Kubernetes, C# .NET, Go, Docker and lots more.

We cooperate with Worldish AB, Unitalent AB and other companies.


As a natural part of being an IT-company we run lots of internal systems. We have chosen to bring this experience to use for our customers and offer cloud solutions to run customer-owned systems, We offer stable, secure and scaleable infrastructure at an affordable price. And of course we are fully compliant with EU's GDPR directive.

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